How do i make a sound when a button is pressed?

There is something in the instructions about making a sound when a button is pressed. Can someone tell me how to use it?

Custom sounds?

*insert part here*.Touched:connect(function()
 local Sound = *insert sound here*
 Sound.Playing = true
 script.Disabled = true

Yes, this does disable the script so it would be better if you make another script that can be used for the button.

Or you can use Sound from the explorer and then name it _Sound#(Number of the button that you want let it play when pressed) and put it in one of the path that you want to make sound effect.

Your script is not reliable with .Touched firing multiple times and disabling scripts won’t do anything either. It’s called using button functions


Lib.btnFuncs[3] = function() -- Lib.btnFuncs[3] fires When button 3 is pressed, change ‘3’ to the button number

lol okay, I don’t even script on FE2 so
actual scripting for the win

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Am I the only one who inserts a sound instance into the button and then rename it to
Instead of using scripts

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i do that too.

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yeah i know that but how do you make a custom sound play?

Yes, im trying to make it play a certain sound after a button has been activated

  1. Find Audios in your Toolbox in Studio.
  2. Select a Sound Effect.
  3. Drag the Sound Effect to the Part that will Fall in 3 seconds (_Delay).
  4. Name the title of the sound _Sound (Number Here), and add a stringvalue and name it _Delay, and put its Value to 3 to match the fall.

You can use this: