How do i make an bouncing door?

How to make an bouncing door controlled by the time and by an button function?

Also I know that the script is in Kriscross scripting tutorial, but i can’t understand so i need someone actually explaining me on how to do it.

:v Also, is the page deleted?

Are you Spanish?


if you do want to make a bouncing door, this involves Roblox scripting (aka lua)

I’m not experienced with lua so I can’t really help you with it.

somebody that knows TweenService go

i noob

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local door = --doorlocationhere
local time = --timehere
{CFrame = door.CFrame * CFrame.new(xhere,yhere,zhere)}):Play()

Explain it because they do not understand. (That’s also how people learn how to script)

Can you explain how it’s working to work?

the door is the door you want to open
the time is how long the tween will take
game:GetService(“TweenService”) is basically retrieving the service that handles tweens, and :Create() is making the tween. we then play it by using :Play()
and jesus i am sleepy so i can’t explain more

In this line, where it says “doorlocationhere” we have to put the position or the name of the door?

you put it like