How do I make something _Appear at 0.7 Transperency?

I want this block to appear when button 2 is pressed, but I don’t want it to appear at full opacity. i want it at 0.7 transparency. Is there any way to do this?


set the transparency to 1.7


thx mate

Another question, how would you make a part appear with CanCollide off?

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Honestly just make a button function at this point setting the part transparency to 0.7 and the collision to false instead of using the objectvalues.

Lib.btnFuncs[2] = function()
   Lib.Map.Interactives["PART NAME"].Transparency = 0.7
   Lib.Map.Interactives["PART NAME"].CanCollide = false

wait what

how it works is probably it minus the transparency by 1

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