How do you make a sound when an interactive activates?

I am new to this map making stuff and i have heard sounds when something fell or whatever

A tutorial will coming for you (Not right now).

Well…welcome to my 2nd tutorial for you :smiley:

Well…if you want a thing apper,dissapper or anything else with a sound

You have to do that:


Just put the sound you like in the interactive and put the number of the button to interactive and when you interactive this part with the Button_4, this part will fall and he will play the sound you chosed.

I hope you liked my tutorial.

oh wow thats easy

Yeah i know

Its only put the sound in interactive and rename the sound to Sound_(number of the button)

does it activate if it has a delay and after the delay?

Well this i dont know

But…im guess a yes

Ask this for @Kriscross102RBLX

When i publish my map i will have the respost for you.

(If the Kriss dont have the respost).

just to correct you there, since it can cause mistakes;

the sound needs to be called (no spaces btw) _ Sound# (the # is the number), not Sound _#


Thanks for correct me!

_Appear# makes objects appear on button number #
_Fall# makes objects fall
_Fade makes object disappear/fade

Delay is a number value that makes the object appear/fall/fade after a certain amount of seconds