How do you make music start at a certain time?

I really just wanna know how I can. Cuz I’m a newb at scripting

I don’t know if you can.

Enzso did with dystopia and digitalized

Enzso/Someone made a cropped version, so that it will start when he wanted it to.


you gotta spend that 75 roux to upload a 2 min (360 for longer than 2 min songs, lol) song (before doing that, crop the song to the part you want) then you are done

It may be possible that you can set the BGM’s TimePosition value (i think that’s what it’s called), but if not then we’ll just have to use a cropped BGM.

Simple, but the BGM ID in the settings to 0, then put this in your script because you need to disable the BGM System and make a new system with this, also feel free to add sound FX (Equalizer,Chorus etc…)

    local Sound = Instance.new("Sound", Lib.Map)
    local MusicID = -- Song ID Here
    Sound.SoundId = "rbxassetid://" .. MusicID -- Concatenate It So it says "rbxassetid://123456789"
    Sound.TimePosition = -- Length In Seconds Of Where The Song Starts

but would there be the music effect underwater

No there would not

16 Oct me is stupid because the answer is obviously no