How do you make water stop and go?

I don’t really know how to make water stop and then wait for it to go again. I need help for my new map that is upcoming!


Welocme to my tutorial about that!

Any questions just ask for @Kriscross102RBLX.

Well i will use a box with a example

So…if wanna the water move up like that:

Its just go into the Instructions and in the lines add your water location

Dont forget to rename your water to Water_1, Water_2 for the second water and others

Oh but your problem its stop the water right?

So put you water below the final position

And just script:

The water go to this position and stop…wait a however minutes you like and put the water in final position

If you have any problem just seacrh what you want in youtube, ask for me or for Kriss.


To make water rise:

Lib.Script.moveWater(Location, Direction, Time, Axis)

Water stops when it finishes

Sorry for revive but, bonusducks557, in part to put the position of block, it’s to put the amount of studs you want to go, I have a topic who explain more what I’m saying.

and then do it again?

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