How everyone did make those custom FE2 texts

I watched FE2CM videos and saw that there are custom difficulties, and i watched more FE2CM videos and they still made those custom texts like some persons verified maps and informations what to do that i saw.

Please tell me it so maybe i can use it on my maps to see the date how is it created.

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What do you mean custom difficulties?
Like which difficulties for example

possibly the alert text

game.ReplicatedStorage.Remote.Alert:FireAllClients("Absolutely any text!")

not sure localeventscrip? idk

local _char = script.Parent
local _alerts = game.Players[_char.Name].PlayerGui.MainGui.HUD.Alerts -- I forgot the directory
  if string.find(newAlert.Text, "By") then
    newAlert.Text = "Dreamscape [Crazy] by random self-promotion"

i forgot much of how fe2 works so keep that in mind

not so fun fact:

local alertExample = game.ReplicatedStorage.Remote.Alert:FireAllClients("Example!")
alertExample.Text = "Broken Laboratory [Insane] by that same self-promoter"
-- why is this even in the message anyway

i think he’s talking about brayanraposa’s maps where most of them have custom difficulties like “Speedrun” or “Trilogy”

i don’t encourage this since i honestly think it’s stupid


true, it seems kinda like a thing to make your map quirky and cool to hide the fact that its another trendy unoriginal garbage facility map

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literally just do game.Players.LocalPlayer in a local script, don’t need to search the chars name lol

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