How I Can Remake FE2 Easily

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@billie in march 1 close topic

you use stolen scripts there’s your answer

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well for one you could do what @/CrystalTokyo said or have a great knowledge in scripting + ui designing


@Sukirise has a point. You need some knowledge of scripting and ui. Like for example, the UI is pretty much used for the lift section

Plus, scripting is a long work. So if you aren’t sure what to do, look at some scripting tutorials and techniques

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flood test scripts in a nutshell: not stolen, its from my game that it copied
flood test is for making flood escape games easily so Shut sci up

Me with FE2 2017 Edition: Pain

auto -

Btw using Open Flood Test assets is no help for accuracy at all. If you really want to remake FE2. Just remake it from scratch or find some trash FE2 fangame Uncopylocked and edit it a ton.

what if, fe2 version of auto levels: auto edition of fe2 be like: ez ez ez ez ez ez ez ez dhubhfuhbduhbfuhbduhbfuhbduhbfuhbduhbfuhbduhbfuhb

in my game i modify the ui for air

i might modify some more gui soon

“There is no shortcut”

only a model please
i only want play my maps lol

FE2 when it was no gui

You don’t

why don’t you just use community maps then??


steal the map model

then add diamond plate material