How to give lava an other color

When I try to give lava a white color it becomes red I have override it with the event script but when players spawn they see the color randomly change how to fix this?

Try recoloring the water in another color.

Are you making your script have a lava change or no

If not, then you should put a StringValue and the value of it should be lava (type exactly what I said)


yep don’t make it an uppercase L or else weird glitches will happen when you fall into the part.

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And by that it means the game completely goes coocoo hehe

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ez, just don’t change the state “lava”
then change the color on "Home > Material (Besides the Color)"but chooses the Color

You called noob on studio

please stop reviving posts

also if you dont change the state to lava how will it work? deleting the state will make it water :expressionless:

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That doesnt work.

It will be water lmaoaoaoaoaoa

And plus, when you do a lava change via EventScript or EventString, it will turn red, which is why people want to know how to give lava other colors

can you not

I don’t tell that delete that state lava!!!

To make lava or all three waters? If its lava, then here.

First, create a block of water and name it _Water(number).

Second, insert a StringValue and name the value “lava”. (To add StringValue, left-click on the plus button that is next to the block and search StringValue)

Third, open its properties and change the color of the lava to whatever you want.

If you still can’t do this, then I guess I’ll have to :roll_eyes: