How to have lava states work?

when i try using states to make lava different colors the lava stops working and turns it into a object which flings players around, any way to fix it is helpful

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Did you name it _Water#Number

yes and the state is in with it but it breaks the lava when playing the map

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Show me


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Friend: Me ReaperThee8th I need to have a look

tagged username lol

its “lava” not Lava

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Don’t put 8th

oh lel

oh and its the same with acid, dont put capital at the start

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Try doing naming it state (with no capitals)

and don’t put any capitals in what you want it to turn into

No, ITS Leviosa no LEVIOFISH

its State, and it’s “lava” & “acid”

Lib.Script.setWaterState(Lib.Map._Water1, “water/“acid”/“lava”)

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why you revive
also should I make that blue door map (xdddddddd)