How to have multiple exits?

I’m just asking about how to do this because it’s something i’ve been wondering about for a while, i tried doing this yesterday and all i got was that they just stopped working, any answers is good!

i dont think you can. Or you can make one big exit region and put it in both exits

the problem is with the two exits being in different locations where they could go over the original path, i’ll figure something out though

you can stretch out one exit between 2 rooms to make it seem like multiple exits


That is what @DMinecraft999 said.

yes I know, I just got confused

You cannot have more than one exit, otherwise the game will just randomly choose one of the two, whichever one loads in first (I believe). Don’t really know a work-around to resolve this however.

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Try to put the two exit points next to each other

Don’t know if this works or not but maybe try using a union (place the two exits, union them and rename appropriately)

I don’t think that would work to cause if you did it, it would probably break.

you know

have two different rooms

but at the end they both end at the same point