How to i overwrite old models, which i published before the new model publishing GUI Appeared?

I have some problem dudes. I want to overwrite my old model. But the model i want to replace isn’t appearing in the new GUI. could someone help me?

good question

cuz sadly idk :weary:

It sometimes doesn’t appear due to the overwriting stuff or so

uhhhhhh? Bodyseemsunclear?

you cant, its been broken since april and roblox hasn’t even fixed it. There used to be fixes that people made (not official roblox team) but roblox broke the fixes so yeah. There is a way using the api but its annoying.

thanks for the answer. I will wait a month to play my map.

I never experienced this bug, can you show images of what it looks like ?

Not really because its something that doesn’t load, If you have over 100 assets the overwrite asset screen will only show the newest 100 and not any older than that.

i found it to be only 25 max on mine
BL is so old i cant even update it :C

It was kinda fixed near the beginning of March which was when I updated Tiny Snowfall to Coldspot and Idiotic’s OST in but the week after it went back to ‘normal’ aka the 25 max. It’s annoying but you gotta check studio every week after each update.