How to load in a Short ID [TUTORIAL]

This is only way I know how to do it, if you know how to do it, you can leave it in the comments.

Ever since the new update just in the Flood Escape 2 Community Maps, Number/Model IDs have been disabled, you have to use ShortIDs.

To load in the map with ShortID, firstly load it in with the Model ID then go to the Output tab, it shows you the 5-6 Digit Code, that is your Short ID, load that in & save it. (If you want)

It should say something like this

For those who are wondering why is Model ID disabled, it is to prevent theft.

How can the map get stolen?

The Model IDs can link you to the Roblox Model Website and the owner of the map wouldn’t want their map to be stolen & probably could forget to put the Model Offsale after they get their map Whitelisted.

So yeah, that’s how you upload ShortIDs. Okay byeee :upside_down_face: