How to load non-whitelisted maps into fe2cm

Some people have made ways to test maps without whitelisting them, but this way lets you test your map in the official map testing place.

How to use:

  1. Create a module script named MainModule

  2. Paste this code into it: return script:GetChildren()

  3. Copy your maps into the module script

  4. Upload the module script to roblox. Make sure allow copying is on. Take note of the id you save it to.

  5. Go into map test and load this id: 3759351052

  6. Play the map and you should get a ui with a space to enter an id. Enter the id from earlier.

  7. Close the ui and remove the map.

How it works:
Using require() bypasses the need to own an asset, as long as it contains a module script.

When you load a map using this, it wont immediately update in the map list, so don’t worry if it doesn’t show up. If you have an issue with it just tell me here.

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woah pretty neat and creative!

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where do I paste this?

the module script in the first step.

I meant where in the module script. I assume delete the text in the module and then paste it because that module stuff is not needed in this case?

yes, exactly.

yessss my test map works now
I can rickroll people now


I have received multiple cases of maps being broken when using this. I investigated, and found out that if you are using the newer map kit code, Lib.Map won’t work for some reason. To fix this without rewriting your code, put Lib.Map = script.Parent after invoking the function. It should behave in the same way. The top two lines should look like this:

This is really helpful, thank you!