How to make a Flood Escape 2 Map!

This is a Flood Escape 2 Map guide for people who dont really understand the one Crazyblox wrote. It is much more simple and easy!

Model Link:

How to make a Flood Escape 2 Map:

Getting Started:
To get started, go to Crazyblox’s inventory in models. You will see a model named “FEMAP Kit” if you scroll down.
You must buy this model (Its Free!) and place it into Roblox Studio. Then ungroup it and discard everything exept ExitBlock, ExitRegion,
Airtank, _Water1, _Button1, _Button2, _Button3, Settings, Spawn, and Eventscipt. Have properties and explorer opened while making the map.


In settings, you will see Lighting. This part is optional. You will also see BGM, Difficulty, MapName, and Creator, and MapImage.
MapImage is also optional. In BGM, you will go to Roblox website, go to library, select audio, and find good music for your map.
After you’ve found audio for your map, You will copy the ID in the search bar (For example, 1234567890) and paste it into the
value section in BGM. In Difficulty, you will enter in the value: 1 for easy, 2 for normal, 3 for hard, and 4 for insane. You
only type one number though. In MapName, you simply type your map’s name in the value. Pick a unique name! In Creator, type
whoever made the maps username.


Now, you need to design your map. Make sure that the map isnt too long and isnt too short. The maximum time is 2 minutes.
The minimum is about 1 minute. Try to make your map look good, and it might get into the game! There are a few things Crazyblox
doesnt like: Too much Corroded Metal, Mazes, and Free Models in maps. The Airtank is where there are long swimming sections.
The buttons go where you want them. Make sure its possible to reach them. If you want a button to trigger something,
go to the object being triggered, add an object value, and name the value either: _Fall, _Appear, or _Fade. After the command
word, put a number matching the button number. (For example, _Fade1 with _Button1.) The buttons can be duplicated and renamed. You can also add a NumberValue in the ObjectValue. Name it _Delay. Put the number of seconds the command delays for in the value.You can also add a sound once buttons are pressed. You go to library in audio on roblox, choose
a sound, copy the ID, and insert a sound on ANY block you want. Name the sound _Sound1, 2, etc. Insert the ID and set the volume and you are good to go!
These are optional.
The ExitRegion is placed where the survival zone is. The ExitBlocks surround the ExitRegion, so players cant escape the ExitRegion.
Make sure these blocks ARE NOT grouped and fully transparent. The spawn is set where the spawn is to be.

Coding: (This is all in EventScript)

The commands for water are very simple. The first ones are:

mapScript.setWaterState(script.Parent.Intro._Water1, “water”)
mapScript.setWaterState(script.Parent.Intro._Water1, “acid”)
mapScript.setWaterState(script.Parent.Intro._Water1, “lava”)

These are to change the water’s form. Make sure if you arent using the intro, delete the word intro.
Here are the next ones:

mapScript.moveWater(script.Parent.Intro._Water1,, 30, 5), 10, true)

Again, if you dont have an intro, delete the word intro. This is to move the water. The first number is how many studs it moves to the side.
The second is how many studs it moves up. The third is what time it will do this during, so

mapScript.moveWater(script.Parent.Intro._Water1,, 30, 5), 10, true)

means it wont move to the side, and it will move 30 studs up in 5 seconds.
Also, you can duplicate the water and name it _Water2, _Water3, etc. If you do this, you must change the number in the peice of code that says “_Water1.”
same with the other command.

Heres one last reveiw:

mapScript.setWaterState(script.Parent.Intro._Water4, “acid”)

means _Water4 will turn to acid. Also you need to add a waiting time. This makes the water wait before doing the next command (For example, wait(10)

Moving Doors:
Moving Doors are basically like water, exept they are fully visible, and CanCollide.

You will have to create a folder for them to be stored in. The folder must be called MovingDoors. The moving doors must be named MovingDoor1, 2, etc

The command is:

mapScript.moveWater(script.Parent.MovingDoors.MovingDoor1,, 30, 5), 10, true)

The code works the same way as the water did. The first number is also how many studs it moves to the side.
The second is also how many studs it moves up. The third is also what time it will do this during.
The same rule for deleting intro doesnt apply, though.

Adding the map to the game:

After you are done, select every part of the map, save it as a model, and then you have 2 options:

1: You search up “Crazyblox Games Forum,” Sign Up, and post a topic there. BE SURE TO FOLLOW THE GUIDELINES, OR YOUR POST WILL BE CLOSED IN 24 HOURS!

2: Message a user called “FE2_MAPTEST” with the model link and he will add it soon. (This is the best way to do it.)

After you’ve done one of those options, copy the ID in the searchbar of the model, go into a game called “Fe2 Map Test,” Enter your map’s ID, and play it!
If you’re map is succesful and gets into the game, you will be rewarded with 15,000 R$ from Crazyblox himself.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you’re map gets added! Bye!



when you are making a moving door, remove the _ at the beginning of the part name becuz the part will be used as a block of water

Thanks for the guide.

this time, fe2 map test is hosted by crazyblox.
so you need to whitelist map here:

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About crazyblox not liking free models, is this the right topic? Are models you made yourself allowed?

Yes, it is allowed.

Af, i didnt know wth you were talking about by Gray Roblox logo, dbm (dont blame me), but when i saw it, it all made sense reeeeeeeeeee

After you’ve made a MapImage, how do you publish it to roblox library so you can use it for your map?

upload it

But how?

develop page, then decals section, choose the file you want to upload, DeCaL nAmE, then upload.

It’s require image id, not decal id.

say what? im on asus laptop

read it again

wHeRe Is DeCaL SeCtIoN

Cool. You made me go on rbx studio. How is this useful?


were yuo wande meh to go? foto ededer? al i sie ise geime pheiles ande geimes!

What means the number 10? (0, 30, 5) >>10<< true)

Easy to understand, it even animates me to do a map.

The numbers in the parenthesis are the x y and z value. the x will be side to side, y is up and down, and z is forward and backward. The number 10 is how many seconds it takes to do the thing in parenthesis. for example, (0, 5, 0), 5, true), would make the water go up 5 pixels for 5 seconds.