How to make a poly rock with some plugins?

So, I wanna make some rocks and cones for my next map (based on Tria Resurgo), but, I don’t know what to do, I appreciate all helps!

Best plugin, triangle studio

blender or just meshes in the toolbox

it’s not a plugin but still

@DMinecraft999 and xoremA (or Careful)

Bleneder it’s A REALLY heavy app for mine computer :/

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wait 4gb is a lot for your computer? not meant to be rude, i’m just asking.
again everybody can have different computers and stuff

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No i’ts not

But mine computer i’ts a poop and don’t load it lol

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I had the same issue with Blender 2.8, but Blender 2.79b ran on my computer way smoother, and didn’t crash a lot of the time, so it might work for you as well. That’s entirely speculation however.

Blender is EXTREMELY complicated.

that’s what i use for creating meshes
i thought blender is hard too but when i started watching tutorials i understood how to work with it and even made a fantasy styled tree by my own

Triangle studio.