How to make a Smoothly Pipe (for Beginners)

Hello there, Liam here and welcome to this post . I’m creating this topic how to make a smoothly Pipe.


Important! That Plugin helps make the bend of the Pipe smooth. And with that you can follow the steps how to make a curvy Pipe, it is for beginners who can’t make curvy pipes. And even if they can and you’re going to use it WITHOUT the F3x Build Plugin, the pipe will NOT run smoothly.

How to make a Smoothly Pipe that have a Bend?

Step 1: Install only the Building Tools

Step 2: Open the Roblox Studio app.


Step 3: Go to the ‘New’ button and press to Baseplate for making you own place.


Step 4: Place a cylinder


B: And make it horizontal


Step 5: Place one extra Cylinder and place one Sphere before you want to make a bend.


Step 6: Choose a pipe color and change the material, well. I would choose metal and gray.


Step 7: Use the F3X Build and do the Part per study to 0.25 (better Study for a Part)

image image image

Step 8: Place the Vertical Pipe to the half collision on a horizontal pipe.

B: Also place a sphere on the half collision of a cylinder before it becomes smooth!

Special Step: Do you also want to make the pipe even longer? Use the scale button to make the pipe even longer!

How to make a straight Pipe?

[NOTE]: You don’t have to use the F3X, though.

Step 1: Place 1 Pipe.


Step 2: It looks like you’ve made a pipe straight away, but beware! Use on details to make a Pipe a little more beautiful. Change the color and material.


Step 3: Go and scale a Pipe to make the pipe even longer. Note: Make Smaller = Low Details.

Step 4: Now make details! Important: Also make a Part’s hanger before the Part hangs completely. Without pendant = No Details to replace.

Now it looks like you’re done right away! Remember my steps before you can always make a pipe for your own Map.

How to Make a Pipe with a Defense Glass of Waters (or More)

Step 1: First follow the step of: How to make a straight Pipe?

Step 2: Start with a detailed Pipe, and duplicate the vertical Pipe (the whole) and make one piece.

Step 3: Duplicate the pipe and make it glassy. With details.

Step 4: And here in the glass pipe put something special between a glass cylinder, also duplicate TWO before it is well detailed. And the rarity goes up. So this is what I mean.

Now you’ve made it, if you want more detail then just duplicate the cylinder and make it smaller then for more detail.

How to make two double bends in one pipe?

Step 1: First follow the step of: How to make a Smoothly Pipe that have a Bend?

Step 2: Duplicate the pipe and the sphere.

this is the pipe with one bend.



Step 3: Use the F3X Build to move the sphere into half-collision.

B: It also applies to the cylinder.

If you want three, do it like what you should just do but make the turn a little different. So duplicate it, officially use the F3X Build and do the cylinder and sphere in a half collision!

This guide ends here!

Now I’ll make a lot if it doesn’t work out. Go to my Discord Account if you fail on how to make the pipes!
Next, I’ll show you how to make cave spikes.

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Good, now you already know what to do. You don’t have to read it again, and if it doesn’t work out. Please send me a message if it failed or if something went wrong, just give me a question while messaging.

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