How To Make Decent Maps [Tutorial-ish]

  • Don’t make much Crazys.

  • Never make a buff of any map (overdrive, dsf and so on)

  • Make original maps. Don’t copy other people’s styles.

  • Practice building.

  • Play some maps to get some INSPIRATION but don’t copy. For an example, Complex Hillside: Natural Forest is an INSPIRATION from Shutdown but it isn’t a copy.

  • Ask people to help out on the map. Don’t do it all the time.
    Don’t ask people who are not the best at building though. No offence but don’t ask ma boy FloodEscapeDev_YT. Have you seen his maps? (pls don’t get mad at me D:)

  • Go to the Crazyblox’s forum page and you can ask people how good your buildings are.

  • Make a variety of maps. Don’t make all snowy maps or all facility maps. Change them up a bit.

  • Make a variety of difficulties. Don’t do all Hards. Do all the difficulties!

  • Make a lot of maps. Then, people will start to enjoy your maps. For an example, Green Mason has made a few maps! I have as well!

  • Don’t use free models. Obviously.

  • Try not to use other models apart from the map kit model and textures. That means to try not to use the models with all those platforms and stuff.

  • Less blocky maps.

  • Try not to use a lot of textures and instead a variety of materials.

  • Use 0.25 for your Move and 5 for your rotate

  • If you need to pass the 4k part count, go ahead! Just don’t make a map with like 6000 parts

  • Try using different musics and music authors. It’s hard to move away from artists such as Waterflame, Bossfight, GD Music and much more! But at the same time, at least 5 people have used it in their maps.

  • Don’t take pros and cons/people’s advice to seriously. People are simply trying to help out!

  • Feel confident in your maps. If you don’t, then your map might not be liked as much!

  • And lastly, details. You don’t want to miss 'em details.

Hope this helped!


i feel like The Great North (My map) is a bit TOO detailed.

Nah it can’t be… Surely?



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i mean thanks

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ono the map I’m working on is Crazy


lol same

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I also forgot to mention to not make much detailed maps. Because then it will lag for people and your map would be hated or not played as much. @VioletRhys89


it’s detailed but isn’t that a bit arrogant xD


its a bit too late i already made a crazy map ouef


well im talking in my opinion lel


is that food?

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egg :egg:


your an egghead how do you not know?

(There’s a hint)


stpth assuming my gender


12 replies in less than 2 minutes? That’s my new record! xD

I hope this doesn’t die…


probs not make that 13 oeuf i am unlucky agin


Harder Fun is a buff of Nitro Fun (btw Harder Fun has been replaced so no worries)

Nitro Fun “copies” Retro Gamemode and Neon

Yeah he’s terrible at building (I’m pretty sure he doesn’t use the forum)

I don’t really feel confident in my newest Crazy map (not gonna reveal it to the whole world yet)

In conclusion: idrk I just feel like exposing meself


i know what your new map looks like >:)

Im not gonna say anything :x


I edited the list a bit.

Eradicated facility would like to have a word with you.

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