How to make it so when you press a button the lighting effects change?

i tried doing a script to make it so if you press button it will change the properties of a lighting effect but it didnt seem to work
here is a picture of it
anyone please help

look its my script! :3
anyways, yeah we need help

im working on it yus

first try writing

for _, a in pairs(game.Lighting:GetChildren()) do
  game.ReplicatedStorage.Remote.TEST.MapDebug:FireAllClients(a.Name..", "..a.ClassName,, 0, 1))

then run the map and check the map output
since i forgot how fe2 handles effects, anyway to the shower

ill see

Theres no point of that when you can just tween lighting fx

1, the settings folder is “one-shot”, meaning that it cant change the lighting effects
2, if you’re doing equations, then you would need to repeat the line of the target?

instance = instance/# - #/instance

I think you should make like:

game.Lighting.ColorCorrection.Saturation = -1

that works
exosphere make it the solution