How to make LAVA Rise?

Well, I know there’s already an respost for this but, I’m having an question:

Lib.Script.setWaterState(Lib.Map.Intro._Water1, “acid”)
Lib.Script.setWaterState(Lib.Map.Intro._Water1, “lava”)
Lib.Script.moveWater(Lib.Map.Intro._Water1, Vector3.new(0, 30, 0), 10, true)

I understand the “wait(60)” part but I don’t undertsand this numbers:

Vector,new(0, 30, 0), 10, true)

What’s this “30” do? and the number of final? Any help I appreciate!

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The “30” is how many times the water will rise if i recall

By “times” you mean the amount of studs.


I think so

This how many times, it’s studs? Oh nevermind.

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studs maybe

And you guys know the part of “10”?

I have new question:

Vector3.new(0, 30, 0), 10, true)

The “0” of this script, means what?

It means how much the water moves on the X and Z axis (sideways movement).

So…in this script means =

0 30 0

z y x

I meant, it should be X Y Z. (my mistake)

And, for final, you know the part of “10” in this script?

That’s the amount of seconds the movement takes.

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Oh…thanks for help, now I can do my maps!