How to make more than one water? + How to make water/acid/lava other than normal texture/colour?

I’m making a map “Collapsing Mines”. I want water and lava on this map at the same time.
Now second question.
On this I want to lava have diffrent colour/texture. How can I do it?

  1. Duplicate the water and name it “_Water2”
  2. Just change the color and done! If you want a texture, insert a texture into the water, change the id to your texture id, and mess around with the tiles things (i forgot what they are called). Also change their color

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“How to make more than one water?”

and etc. Make us much as you want

“How to make water/acid/lava?”

in “_Water” there is a “State” value, change to “water”, “acid” or “lava”
With script:

Lib.Script.SetWaterState(Lib.Map._Water#, “lava”)

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Oh ya that too (how the hecc did i forget)

or put a stringvalue inside the water and name it State, then put the state in the value box. Remember to put it in all lowercases.

You mean this?

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ooh sorry didnt see it

my mans got educated on da scripts

Wow, thanks dude.

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