How to make moving lava?

A picture with the lava flowing.

But how to make it flow?


You use 2 attachments and a beam

A certain type of attachment?

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Like you just rename Attachment0 and Attachment1

What is the texture ID for the lava?


What do I have wrong here? I’ve done everything you’ve said, and the part I’m aiming at is what I added the decal to. Look around for anything I may have done wrong.

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You didn’t put beam and the attachments which are both suppose To be named “attachment0” & “attachment1“ in the _Water1

they don’t have to be attachment1 or 0
it has the class name and same function so it’s fine in general

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If you created new attchments, rotate them to try to make the beam appear.

I feel like someone will steal this and get all the credit

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But I’m trying to put it on the roof of the room.

Then why not rotate them

put them in the correct position also
the start of the beam and end of it

Make a attatchment on both sides in the middle make the first one have to yellow arrow pointing towards the other attatchment and the orange arrow facing to the left then duplicate that one and put it on the other side top and bottom then add a beam and then attatch those two attatchment 0 and 1 in the properties of the beam and then you should see a black line which is moving in properties of the beam resize that so like 300, 300 etc and then there you go.