How to make the shutdown doors?

I am working on Kingdom Valley, the sequel of Hillyard Frostroad.
And i need help in making the shutdown doors.
(These ones)

If you know how to make doors with the same moving like the shutdown doors, please share with the code in the comments!
Thank you!

I think it’s c frame or something, never tried this style in fear of discontinuation and breaking a map

What do you mean by shutdown door?

I think he means how they swing open

Well if you want them to swing open automatically, then that would require a trigger part that the player touches.

i remember that some of my places had the shutdown model. But i am not sure. My friend when i was making a map which i abandoned added it to the game. I didn’t deleted it cause it didn’t had problems when i was making the map with my friend. Lemme check later because i am going to sleep.

Do you remember the post (or reply) who it’s questioing "how to make a button functions rotate? Kriscross102RBLX already answer this question, send an DM to him or just ping (I’ve see this, I have a bad memory, sorry).


First, make the door attached to a hinge constraint, then make a hitbox, when the said hitbox is touched, make the hinges angle change

Oh thanks!