How to making fade light pls pls

hello, peolpe. I’m just wondering how you can make a pulsing light. By that I mean changing the transparency, not the color. Here is a script I made:


The lines of script in the red square is the part I need assistance with. As you can see, I am trying to make a fading effect w/transparency; 0.75 transparency being the start point and 1 being the end point. I use more than 10 lines of code here, but I want to shorten that. It would be most appreciated if you can respond to this question.


Can’t you just use a loop that adds 0.025 every time it runs?

oh yeah that is a good solution

You can use tick() or TweenService for easier tweaking.

TweenService is recommended as it is the simplest way to achieve the same goal. Refer to TweenService from the DevHub for more details.