How to manage the water and rise it up also what is the "wait" command for?

I am confused of this command since I was building and might be the water won’t rise up

Lib.Script.moveWater(pathtowater, Vector3.new(xincrement,yincrement,zincrement),time,isLocalSpace)
also wait is basically for waiting


wait is for like
wait (5) rise water (scripting aint that ez tho)

also welcome

Welcome to what?

What’s with the x, y, z (increment)?

i guess you are a beginner at scripting
look at this if you don’t understand anything about vector3
also epic sponge meant welcome to the forums

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It is because I am new to build an FE2 Map.

There are instructions in the map making kit which tells you how to manage the water .
the wait is kinda what it means
it waits for the number in the brackets in seconds to do the action below it

--do something here
wait(3) -- waits 3 seconds
-- do something else