How to move more parts easily in fe2 map test

so… im getting my final ready for my map bibulus… but it requires a move alot of thing… so is there an easier way that just naming them (Door_1 Door_2 ect)

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not really
you kinda just have to do it

title’s not clear imo

Just 1 thing: they have to be unios or parts

but wait, you wanna move like a huge amount of parts in a easy way?

technically yes… like groups dont work… and i cant really union because there are more than one color and material in this thing i want to move.

Well, there’s a script that one of my friends created, idk how it wokrs but i’m gonna get the pirnts of it

put them in a model/folder then

for i = 1,#model/folder:GetChildren() do
    --offset every part
    --to get the part, do model/folder:GetChildren()[i]

well, not sucessed;-;

but i know there’s a script for that situation

Grouping parts works very well i literally grouped my doors

wait it does??

Lib.Script.moveWater(Lib.Map.NameOfTheModel.NameOfThePartsInsideTheModel,, 10, 0), 10, true)

hm didnt know that, ill test it out

um… i used mapscript and not map lib .-. that means that that wont work…

ok so i figured out a way to use mapscript and lib both… but this still doesn’t work… here the way I do it : Lib.Script.moveWater(Lib.Map.Ship_1.P_Part,, 65, 0), 15)

you forgot 4th argument, which is a boolean that determines if water moves in local space or not

oh yea… im an idiot… heres what it i think it should look like : Lib.Script.moveWater(Lib.Map.Ship_1.P_Part,, 65, 0), 15, true)

verify the part you specified in the first argument is in the correct hierarchy then it should work

ok wait… now its only moving the P_Part… not the hole model