How to update the map?

I was wondering how to update the map lately as i didnt know how to as i was having troubles updating me and my friends map few weeks ago. Can I know how to update it?

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you just need basically overwrite the updated version of your map on the model of the old version

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hes talking about the broken model saving which doesnt load every model

oof, idk

i am even affected by this bruh

not me lol

It’s still broken?!

At this point, they might as well discard the new UI and start from scratch.

Yep, it still is. Over a month and still broken

use the scroll at right, it has been fixed for me, even if i dont use the scroll it still works. you guys have outdated studio or somethin’

Perhaps use pictures?

hold on.

Nope. It’s still borked. I can’t scroll down.

if it doesnt work, click ‘‘Save a New asset’’ and then click the overload and wait for a bit, then select


Oh. It works now. Maybe it just breaks occasionally and I happened upon it that time.

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i think

That’s what I usually do.

wont it make it worse??

i mean like ur uploading new models = less space for others

u dont upload new models

Save as a new asset…


you click on the button which saves it then click the button which says overload
you dont actually save it