How to use lighting properly and how to get better at it?

Hi, I’m going to tackle a topic that I’m not so good in.


I’m okay with building and scripting, however lighting is a complete different story…

So, I’m going to the community to ask for some tips and tricks on how to improve and have good lighting, not just in FE2 maps but in everything overall.

  1. What lighting effects are the best to use?
    (Like: Bloom, ColorCorrection, etc…)

  2. How do you know when something is “too much” or “too less”?
    (Like brightness, contrast, angle, etc…)

  3. When it comes to lighting the inside of a building, what type of light should I use?
    (Spot light, Surface Light, or Point Light)

  4. When it comes to lighting the outside or an environment, what type of light should I use?
    (Spot light, Surface Light, or Point Light)

I would have more questions but I think it just takes experience and practice overtime to get good at lighting, however If you do have something to say, please do. I’m sure it will help me in some way.

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when it comes to lighting the outside what type of light should I use?

Ok everything in here is what i usually use to make the lightning look better

1: ColorCorrection (But only in some cases since color correction can only focus in one type of color, like for example if you use blue, it will only be good if the map haves shades of blue).

I actually never used blur, but i don’t really suggest tho… if you’re making an indoor map with neon decoration, the blur makes the neon glow more which doesn’t make it look good (in my opinion of course).

2: Well actually, if it is ‘‘too much’’ or ‘‘too less’’ i just reduce it so then it’s not gonna look like it is too much…

3: I use surface light to make a light inside the lava… and i use point light for most of my lightning especially buttons…

4: Outside maps are usually not really necessary since you’re making your map in a day time (unless it is night then use the same types of lightning that i mentioned before).

Also sorry for my terrible english, it’s not my native language oop…

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im not the greatest with lighting myself, but as for question 4 i think i can help you.

If you just want it to be brighter throughout the entirety of outside, increase the brightness of the ambient. Ambient is just the shadow colour, so the brighter it is the less of an effect shadows have.

If you want certain points to be bright, like, say, a street lamp, use a light instance. It’s up to you which one you want to use, but if there’s one face, use either spotlight or surfacelight. If there are more pointlight might be the way to go.