How to use "Print" code?

Ok maybe this is weird since I already quit the game, but I’m really curious about that “Print” code on Crazy’s old map making tutorial. I already copy the code, but it didnt work. how to actually use it?.

yay ur back. idk

i don’t understand

I mean this

use output

wait how to add it?

Then? I don’t understand a thing ;-;

ok so, once you placed print("The man") in a script, there will be a text called “The man” in the output. so basically print prints the string to output. it can be used to detect what’s causing errors and things.

Does it works on event string too?
because I wanna make the text appear on custom times

no… the text only appears in output, which output is F9 in normal games

Only problem is, that you cannot see the output since F9 only shows client code, so only code that runs on the players computer is shown, server code can only be seen by Crazyblox.

But In dystopia Sometimes if u fall in first room (after the walljump) there is text under you drowned

why revive ._.