How to whitelist map this day?

Yeah I was gone for a more than a year and I run out of empty map slots. So I can’t make a whitelisted map again. And whitelist button on the game is gone. How to whitelist map?

look it up

Go to the map test game page and look at the desc
There should be a link to another game

Now join the game in the desc and enter the ID into the text box

Note that crazy hasn’t cleared the queue in a few weeks so you may have to wait a while before entering the queue or even getting the ID whitelisted

How to know that Crazy already done the queue? I see in his Twitter there are bot that telling about queue and its posted like every weeks. Is the bot is the way how to know the queue?

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Idk how to do it but it’s basically a web hook (I think)
So yeah the bot can detect when it is cleared

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