How to whitelist map

I have been making a map and I added it into whitelisting game. It has been 3 months and it is still not in the game. Can someone help me? I’m a noob

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Normally i’d say you have to follow @fe2game on twitter, on the right hand corner where the discord icon is. You should be able to get a tweet from them saying the whitelist queue has been cleared, then you’d be able to whitelist the ID of the map in the official whitelisting game. but if it gets full, you’ll have to wait for a couple of days, or weeks. If you are able to see that the queue is cleared, that means your map is accepted to the map test. Hope this’ll clear confusion

Like RBLXDenimated said, you have to follow @fe2game on twitter, you should get a notification when the whitelist is cleared.

You whitelist in this game

But the queue is curreclty full rn so read the comment above me and if you want to know that crazy bought it you go to robux and go to “amount” robux and put it to “sales” and see that Crazy buys your map and If he buy it playable in FE2CM!

Thanks for your help

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