How to whitelist

pls say how

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Whitelisting? That’s fairly simple

Just get your Model ID (copy it of course) then just go to this game and paste your ID.

It takes time obviously since it’s done manually. If the whitelist is full, just wait until Crazy whitelists all the maps in the queue and then your all set.

But this says me: whitelist queue exceeded maximum of 100 entries! please wait until the queue is manually cleared.

It clears the queue every month, wait a bit and it’ll be good :+1:

Its boring, why its so long

y’know crazyblox is a real human too he has outside life too

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This could be meaning that the queue is full, and you’ll have to wait until it clears. When the queue is cleared, you’ll be able to put your maps in! :+1:

It’s a manual process.