How would you rate your own maps?

Basically from looking at your own map creations, how about I ask you to rate your own maps anyways.

Note: You can’t be based on your creations. Unless you are actually proud of what you made

Anyways have fun here lol

collapsing factory: 7 or 8, I think I did a good job with the low-poly style (i’ve learned a lot since making the beginning of it so I could definitely improve it)
nebula island: 8, looks poggers but I wish I added more decoration since it’s like 50% slate lol
underworld lab: 9, I actually think this map looks really good

I’ll do mine then.

Burning Ruins: I gotta say, this is by so far one of my best creations I have made. I’m gonna be honest. I can’t make another great map better than Burning Ruins. And it’s my first map like how. I must’ve lost my creation potential :pensive:

Treacherous Winter: This map, looks pretty bad. The details look pretty fine imo, but uhh the gameplay is not the best at all. Too much walking huh. I’m glad I am actually remaking this since the original needs a remake. Hopefully I can actually learn the mistake about not adding too much walking.

Color Code: Digital map, Digital Map, Digital Map, yeah we all know it. This map’s concept is pretty cool imo, I must’ve thought of something cool. What really disappointed me that it was a digital map. Like this map was honestly not even my best ones. Seriously?, using just a texture and using 4 studs for the map structure? Like wow man. Making a good digital map is harder than I thought. Maybe if this was to get a remake (aka a full on remake, no digital thing) then this would be like almost the same concept as portal 2.

Colliding Worlds: One of my most hardest but not my most proudest. Comparing to my other maps, this is probably the worst one. The gameplay, the design is just a big no no for me. I cancelled the revamp which looked quite good but I guess i’ll never finish it.

Valley Fields: Possibly one of my more detailed maps but not so good on the gameplay. I didn’t focus on fun gameplay on this one so it just doesn’t make me proud of it. omg spammed details and boxes omgogmgogmggogmo.

Water Pump Facility/Filtration: The V1 of this map was… Not good at all. Bland gameplay, just overall boring huh? V2… More details, same boring gameplay huh. Well until the rework, this map was just amazing afterall. However I did improve and rework the gameplay on some parts and extended the map more. However I still dislike the tower’s gameplay since it isn’t that good. The outdoor area is like amazing imo. I did a new terrain method on the ground with parts to like add a bit of height to it, and used unions for the background terrain. However this map is possibly one of my most proud ones since I did a good job on the rework. But however I wouldn’t give it a good rating as something is missing in this. It’s not good enough yet for me to like it.

Volcanic Eruption: A normal Crazy map I guess… However the details look good until the last section. What was I thinking? I literally rushed it as I had no plans for the last parts of the map. This is like not one of my proud creations as I don’t really like the map no more. It’s just no.

Valley Heights: Finally the first map I made that managed to get the “FE2” style of it. I’m gonna be honest, I like the map. The gameplay is what I kinda focused on. But I mainly focused on the details. I tried making it kinda like rare’s map style comparing to like Wild Savannah, Lost Desert, etc. However this is one kind of my good creations. I’m not really proud of it. But at least I attempted it to get it into FE2.

This is possibly all of my maps (In case I missed one, ping me or reply to me in case, Not including remakes) for now as thats as much I can remember rn. Anyways I’m not really proud of my creations as much but I’m only proud of like a very few of them because it’s something I can’t recreate.


ill do mine later

That is the rating

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Crossover: it used free barrel models and I hardly worked on the map differently

Time Travel: god this I don’t even know why I made this

Time Travel 2: Crossovers: Looked WAY worse than 1

Snowfall Valley whatever you call it: lack of details and paste trees wtphatespsbedrever (this was back when I didn’t know how to use blender)

Dark Mechanic Facility: stopped working on it since it kept breaking.

Rainstorm Hollow: one of my biggest improvements to my skills yet and I’m surprised how it achieved better than all my trashy maps

Inhabited Plains: First map and it sucked lol.

Manipulation Platforms: average neon spam facility

The Bunker: 7 out of ten best map from me imo and im pretty proud of it.

two new maps coming soon

welcome to my world

Rated for all my maps: 0 because I haven’t made any HA HA

imo the map was actually good imo.

You could make it better since a town map isn’t a thing. (omg other town maps exists omgoggmgmogm)

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i like my map called before the extreme ruins pretty much its based off you going into extreme mode right as a ruin disaster happened and both room 1 and 2 are both my recreations and i tried as best as i can to remake the exact rooms and same as water speed
i’d give my map a 9/10 because uhhh yeah freaking one room is not even good which is the 2nd one because THE 11TH OR 12TH BUTTON LOCATION IS SO TRASH IMO and im to lazy to fix dat

Rooms: bad, but okay
Helaria: cramped garbage
Clash: way more cramped and way more blocked, how people liking it lol
Subway Disaster: cool but awfull gameplay
Reboot: meh
Clash Revamp: maybe a first great map from me

all my maps in one rate:


ima list all maps since self destruct

self destruct: 40/100
honestly looking at it now it doesn’t look that good. The dislike the gameplay of the map because it’s made to be “hard”. Though it’s made in 2018, it isn’t my proudest

this was like my last map before until my almost 1 year of not making maps

mesa dunes revamp: 65/100
honestly doesn’t really look that good, though it’s a lot better than the original. The map is too linear (literally going forwards only). The map is also quite short

overgrown debris revamp: 75/100
probably my favourite one out of the 3 revamps so far. was my first attempt at making more modern terrain and i really like the neon lol.

nostalgic remnants: 60/100
made wi givemenamepls, the map looks like a generic ruins map so not high rating. somewhat confusing but it’s fine imo. also revamping this

volcanic apocalypse: 55/100
was an experiment so i didn’t really put a lot of effort. i dislike the use of red now looking at it. thinking of remaking it tho

laboratory meltdown: 65/100
def not my proudest. i somewhat like the details but i feel like it’s too confusing for others. it’s also quite hard for an insane map

subterranean mines: 70/100
i like this map, it is a break from detailing since i went for a more simplistic style compared to laboratory meltdown. the music is my favourite among the maps listed here. sad it only received 9 votes lol

dissipated quarry: 70/100
this was fun to make. built it with my friend so yeah. again it’s more simplistic compared to my other maps but i like this map.

future maps soon

The Fallen era
Game play is 6/10
So ima revamp it when I come back

I only have one map posted on forums soo…
Pacific Biome: For the Gameplay 8/10 , i really like how it turned out
Details 9.3/10 , we spent a long time detailing it
Over all , a 8.5/10 (imo)

It was extremely cramped, I used 0 studs in some parts, and it has the theme changing a whole load of time. I just heavily dislike it, and it’s getting a remake soon.

no offense but I agree


buffed sci: absolute garbage
annihilated ruins: a dum ruins map very unoriginal
voltron base (do this count lol): idk

all my maps sucks

I agree, consider that buff sci is the worst map ever