I can draw now yay 🦀

Hi I can draw now lol
Sorry for useless post but can I get feedback :pensive: The avatar is based off this image




everything is better than mine.

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What app did you use? (Or did you not use one)

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ep0c men



Good job!!! :DD


Medibang? This app it’s for PC or mobile? Also, I like the drawn it’s cool your drawn skills, I like the bacon hair in “fed”. :crab::crab::crab::crab::crab:

its both for pc and mobile
and ty im a beginner at drawing on pc :smiley:

Me too! My drawns it’s my profile pictures if you didn’t noticed yet.

my god i cant even draw anymore
my mouse keeps movingg

E moment

dont worry dude i literally feel you

i use paint 3d but who asked me :]

I wish i could draw lmao im bad at drawing

your art isnt that bad, its just how to properly use outlines lol

I never drawed in my entire life tho
But im pretty bad at it

why am i even trying to draw
every time i ask for feedback everyone ignores me

looks cool but maybe work on being a bit “wonky”
like i mean characters don’t have to look straight (i mean like standing straight), also kinda work on shading a bit.
Overall I like this so far, nice job creator of rainy hillside (insert earrape sound)

Paint 3d also exists

do you really think i dont know that lol

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