I can't swim up

Note that I play flood escape on my Xbox One, there’s this weird bug where whenever I’m in acid, water of any sort, I can’t swim up, no matter how hard or how many times I spam the ‘A’ button I can’t swim up or swim down. If it helps, this happened after the recent update.


hmm, that’s weird. i’m not an expert with xbox so i can’t help you.

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notice that he is playing fe2 on his xbox one, and theres a weird bug, that he cant swim up, no matter how hard or how many times he spams the “A” button, he cant swim up or swim down, its happening right after crazyblox made a boombox update

maybe he has to change the keybinds in settings

I’m still confused :confused:

that’s just the thing tho, sometimes it works when I press ‘A’ but right now is one of the times where it’s not working

anyways, i dont know what is this sort of bug. :man_shrugging:

this or else idk

i think it because the game controls are set to computer, go to setiings in fe2 and turn on controller

no actually turn the swim button to a

if it was the game controls, than why is it only SOMETIMES I can swim up but not all the time?

UPDATE So I actually tried setting the Keybinds like some of you said… I’m so sorry, I feel so stupid, sorry about any inconvinience I caused :frowning:


Lol ok