I dont know how to “Alert”

I don’t really know how do I make an alert (or notification, optional lol), I’ve seen one on Endzone and I wanted to make it for all of my WIP or discontinued maps. Can someone show me the script line?

wait here, i know how to do it.
just wait. I have tips like this in my computer. I have to search this.

I have forgotten how to do it, and since I am lazy, I do not feel like going to studio. :man_shrugging:


game.ReplicatedStorage.Remote.Alert:FireAllClients("Text", Color3.fromRGB(255, 255, 255))
Change “Text” to the text u want, and Color3.fromRGB() to the Color3 you want

It resulted in an error saying Unable to cast string to Object :
(Nevermind! I only needed to put a location for the alert (the localplayer thing) first, thanks tho)