I don't know what is this | I got teleported to another game while joining MT

So. Let’s start.
Yesterday, while I was joining a FE2 MT VIP, I got teleported to this game called ‘Data’ by ‘RobloxDataService’. I don’t know what it is though. It’s pretty weird.
I’ve done some investigation, and it turns out there’s other accounts (probably by the same dude) that do the same thing.
This RobloxDataService dude claims to be an ‘Automated Account’. Something I also found out is that it usually comes from a backdoor, so does this mean Crazy bought a backdoor plugin?
The game has over 1 MILLION visits due to this. I got no idea what this is, but I’m quite skeptical of it.

Other thing I think it was that it’s this “Handler” script on some games which is on ServerScriptService if I’m sure. It says it’s by roblox, but I don’t think so. And you can’t delete it if it’s in your game.

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Push ^^

huh pretty weird

check the badges, it may have a moderator badge idk

it doesn’t
it only have this “You visited!” badge

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i dont think roblox would make a dataservice game and add a badge
i meant by moderator badge i mean the roblox profile one
(unless the you visited is a profile badge lol)

Wait, i don’t have the issue. In what condition you will be teleported?

i got no idea it’s the first time this happened

it joined in 10/6/2019 and has a player badge of this?? Screenshot 2020-05-21 at 8.14.17 PM

what happens in the game tho

what the
i know there were problems with teleporting in map test but i have never seen this
it was probably some backdoor

how did you see that ?

i was seeing in a dev forum post
that it could be this “handler” script which gets inserted in games and you can’t delete it

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maybe run a command to delete it like

it gets added after you come back

it may be added by another script (which i don’t think is possible) or by plugins (99% by plugins imo)


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Hm, crazy needs to see thsi

I suggest you @ him on twitter and explain this because it’s a backdoor in FE2MT and this can breach the game’s security


I dotn have Twitter
I’m a 10 year old boi

You do notice <13 people aren’t allowed on the forums

Just pls dont ban mi