I don't know what is this | I got teleported to another game while joining MT

lol moment

Maybe you have the virus

unbanishment granted

it’s probably because the map was free modeled lol


the hub is free modeled Ok alright

I read the article, a lot of free models have it.
So yeah, the teleprter has free models

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Wait does the map has free models

Or when you join the game then you get teleported

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when i was on the hub im sure
i joined via a link


Was there a map loaded or no

Because vip servers does not teleport people to another server but stays in the same game

the only map loaded was skyscraper night



I don’t believe that it contains free models that teleport cuz you managed to rec

Might be because of a previous map idk

i mean i wasnt even fully in game
the loading screen didnt tp me to maptest but to this data game


just report it to crazy on twitter

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i got teleported to “welcome” game

You mean handler

ummm the handler is the script that teleports, not the game

Yeah ik

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