I guess it's time

Hey everyone. I’ve had this question on my head for a long time. I know the answer for everyone including me is obvious but I’m not really sure because of the amount of time this map has been abandoned. Not to mention the failed attempts to remake it. This map has been such a precious map to me but at the same time, a flop. What am I talking about? I’m talking about Beryl Realm.

It’s not a map I’m really proud of, nor a map I hate. But it’s still something that I let go or cling to, depending on the situation. So the question is…

Should I bring back Beryl and fully revamp it? Of course I won’t do it instantly because of my other projects but it may come if you guys vote yes.

  • Yes
  • No

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Small Notices - References to maps in the original version will come in the supposed revamp; The layout will be different; All assets will be changed; Terrain may stay the same but will be slightly different.


Yes! Please bring back Beryl Realm. It’ll be very amazing to check it out and play it! :partying_face:

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Sounds good

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instant nostalgia, am I right early 2019’ers?

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Yes pls

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I like the ambient of the map.

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i was so hyped for the map to be finished, when the post was by literalvisual


So for those of you who think I don’t actually plan to do this, I do. I don’t get motivation fast nor do I get ideas quickly. It’s hard making maps, mainly because of getting motivation (well at least for me). I plan to start this on February 12th, so don’t lose faith.

As for the original map coming back, it’s coming back on a new ID (soon on the new id, i will include the revamped version but that’s soon).

So just wait until you actually hear from me for any other updates on this map.

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Also do you guys want the trees in Beryl to be like the ones in Auburn? They’ll be similar but not like super tall and stuff.

yes plss

Hey everyone! Beryl is finally whitelisted for everyone to play!

Here’s the new ID: 1409685936



Well you heard the post. Choose one!

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Came up with a nice backstory for Beryl:

So 1000 years ago, a 12 year old girl named Ichigo ventured into a colorless grotto. She felt scared, even feeling as if she was gonna die. However, she found a color staff lying on a rock. She picked it up and all of a sudden, the whole realm turned blue. She loved it and stayed there for a couple more hours until finally leaving home. She never returned to the realm for a unknown reason.

i swear its really fanvy

Sorry guys but I might just cancel Beryl’s revamp. It’s just the same color over and over again. You get nothing productive out of a map like that.