I need feedback on this room for my map

Hello, in need to tell you that this room is still in WIP but I need feedback so I know that I am heading in the right direction. I would like suggestions or what you think looks like it needs to be changed.

It’s an okay room. Try adding more diverse props.

Can you elaborate on that

it’s mostly just boxes and rocks, maybe red crystals, lamp posts (wooden), and typical things in a cave

The thing is that this is a volcanic laboratory so idk I much of those would fit lol

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ok maybe some barrels and pipes

A tip: try to avoid flatness. That big bridge you have there would be so much more interesting if the start and end were lower than the midsection, and their bridges slanted up towards the midsection.

Also try balancing wall, floor, and air decorations

These are some great suggestions but it seems like you forgot that this is still a wip. Some floating objects are not supposed to be there. And are only there so then it’s easier for me to duplicate them.

of course

I could make the mid section lower because I want the player to know what they need to do in order to get to the next room.