I need help with lift details

Im trying to make the lift that looks simple, clean, and fits the theme.

the map starts out a cave for a 1/3 of the map then transitions outisde the cave for another 1/3 .


it’s alreayd good ngl, but, if you’re looking for details, i recommend put some parts on the stairs lol

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thanks for responding, but what stairs?

the trusses

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what about it?

the square thing on the spawn has an atrocious colour, make it lighter

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ok thanks

like this?

the trusses are the stiars

ok thanks

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so like this?

i meant this

the brown stuff?

i think you could add wedges to the more orangey wood and it would look better

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it looks good, just rotate the lines in the block to make them diagonal instead of vertical/ horizontal

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can you show it looks just incase?

ight k

like this? @Epic_Sponge

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yeah that’s better