I need help

So I waitt for the qeue is claer and the crazyblox cleard the qeue

In my mind: So…if the qeue its clear,and I put my map in the qeue,So…I can play my map, right?

I dont know if Crazyblox have the get a copy for my map or its automaticlly.

I need help on this question :point_up:

Anotação 2020-02-10 121421

I appreciate any help.


the model needs to be on sale to be taken

But he are on sale :confused:

I think he are in sale

The map has to be Free

and has to be manually purchased by crazy
usually around 2 weeks and will get announced

The map is free

Thanks for helping!

And thanks for helping FedeDoesStuff!

Correct! When Crazyblox clears the queue, your map will be able to get whitelisted; meaning that your map will be playable! :+1:

Well…thanks for the helping!

But…when i put the map in the box to play, its appear this message:

Anotação 2020-02-10 164929

I will belive in CryoHellish respost.

Im beliveing in all respost of this post (because they all are true about my question).

Well, thanks to the respost :smiley:

Im having no intention of offeding you. :+1:

If I make you sad with this reply, sorry. :confused:

I will wait 2 weeks to my map will be playable.

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So, from what I remember when I used to make maps, the model of the map needs to be whitelisted. It also needs to be on sale and for free, which are the three things you have accomplished so far.

What I think you’re missing is having the model put into Crazyblox’s inventory, Which means it can be whitelisted, but not playable. So, if you want to play your map, then your top priority right now it getting the model in Crazyblox’s inventory. And yes, I know, it sounds confusing :confused:

So, on the subject, I have a question:

Do I have to send a message to Crazyblox in order to put my model in his inventory?

Yes [from what I remember]. I think you need to, but depending on your preferences, you might have to do something else.

Well, I already message him, but so far, he hasn’t answered me.

Should I continue?

No, it is not a good idea to spam message anybody, as it gives you a chance to get banned.

Just like Cyro had said, you need to wait for about 2 weeks for your map to be added into Map Test, so it’s better to be patient and not piss off Crazyblox.

Well,you are right!

I will be patient and wait for Crazyblox added my map into Map Test.

Thanks for helping me!

No problem. If you need help, just count on me and my main :smiley:

you dont have to message crazyblox
you manually whitelist it in the FE2 Map Whitelisting place

I did that, but when I testing the map this problem appear:

Anotação 2020-02-10 164929

crazy doesn’t whitelist it when you send it. it takes a few weeks to do so, or even a month