I need people to plan the 2nd FE Awards [NO MORE SPOTS!]

What the title says. Since I did the 1st FE Awards solo, I think it would be time to get some help, as some people have suggested. We would consider things such as new categories and things to improve overall. So, if you would like to be a planner (a GOOD planner), please put your name down below. Mods are encouraged to join but don’t need to join if they don’t want to.

Planners (7/7. May need more if needed):


i can!

do you need my roblox and discord username?

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No, I do not. We can message the people who want to plan here in the forums.



We have 3 more spots, and there will be more if we need more.

me me :DD

A question to all of you that want to be a planner, which would be @TSS, @King, and @TimeNotDesign

Will you actually be a GOOD planner?

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depend, i think i’ll create many category lol

For gods sake stop posting random offtopic things not even related to the topic

If you got nothing to say about the topic don’t reply


Stop, please.


i will do the best i can

i can

i will dO the best that i can to help you

Added two more spots.

Yeah sure

So we have 5 spots out of 7 total filled. Do you think we may need one more?

Need two more people.

what does a planner do