I need some help with my eventscript

No idea what is happening.
I’m trying to test my map in Open Flood Test but it’s just showing “Found errors in maps, map cannot be played.”
I think it’s my EventScript inside of my map, but it could be something else.
Please try to fix my script.

local mapScript = require(game.ServerScriptService.MapScript)
local btnPress = game.ServerStorage.Bindables.BtnPress

local btnFuncs = {}

btnPress.Event:connect(function(plr, btnNo)
if btnFuncs[btnNo] then
btnFuncs[btnNo](btnNo, plr)

btnFuncs[1] = function()
mapScript.moveWater(script.Parent.ElevatorDoor1, Vector3.new(-62.95, 4.95, 24.3), 2, true)
mapScript.moveWater(script.Parent.ElevatorDoor2, Vector3.new(-73.95, 4.95, 24.3), 2, true)

mapScript.setWaterState(script.Parent._Water2, “lava”)
mapScript.setWaterState(script.Parent._Water1, “lava”)
mapScript.moveWater(script.Parent.ElevatorDoor1, Vector3.new(-69.85, 4.95, 24.3), 2, true)
mapScript.moveWater(script.Parent.ElevatorDoor2, Vector3.new(-66.15, 4.95, 24.3), 2, true)
mapScript.moveWater(script.Parent._Water1, Vector3.new(-67.354, 6.25, 33.464), 3, true)

I’m not a master of EventScript (as I only got a few months to play with it) but I’ll take a look.

Are you playing on Open Flood Test on a published game where you can’t see the output button?

If you don’t know what the output button is, it’s here: (You must be in Studio to see it.)

Oops lol. I was in-fact testing it on open flood test. I will try to see what it is in the output.

Found out what it is, there is more than one spawn. LOL.

OOF aaa

Well, that solves your problem lol

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