I need some help!

My lava isn’t working and I really don’t think my map is going well. It really shouldn’t let you go inside the lava. If it didn’t have a state, I could at least swim through it, but then I couldn’t go swim, and my air tank wasn’t going down. Since my map has a swimming section, it makes this map basically breakable. This map is W.I.P by the way. This map’s button gui is also broken, and the ost too.

Is the state value in caps?
If yes, set you “acid” or “lava”

I used the states in “State” as string value, and the states are in like “acid” and “lava”

Break (Delete) all of the ManualWelds in the map. This will fix the issue, that also happened to me

search Weld and Snap in workspace, both break the map.