I need some help

so, there are two problems that i want to fix (one of which you may know), and since my other topic was kinda dead, i asked domino to lock the other topic and then i make this topic
but what are the problems ?

  1. onTouched function executes multiple times when it is supposed to run only one time
  2. Beam does not take the color of the water, client-side only (@aspa102 i didn’t quite understand what you said in the other topic, also soz for ping)
    aaaa help
  1. Use debounce.
  2. I’ll get the texture I have for white lava.
    It isn’t better by the way, just an old name.

Since the lava is black you can’t actually change the colour of it, so you have to use a white lava texture in order to change the colour.

oh thanks, but i have a question and, unfortunately, another problem
problem: lava’s texture stretches automatically in the game (will bring screenshots)
question: can i use debounce only once ? (what i mean is, for example, when a part is touched, it prints something and then when it is touched another time, it does not print something anymore) (edit: for the question, nevermind. i have found out a way to do that)


sorry if the game image is not clear

I use two parts, one for the lava and the other for the texture. Make sure the texture part isn’t called _water

I also have some questions.
What is texture part
What is library
What is texture
What is _water
What is debounce
What is onTouched
What is Using two parts for lava and the other texture

you don’t need to know if you don’t build maps unless you really want to

I always wanted to be a map creator but I never did so all obstacle and theme ideas are just in my mind,I play and imrpove them in my mind sometimes

I cant script :((