.I need your help

Does anyone knows the script to block outlook for peoples with invisible wall, like in Familiar Ruins’s one at the end? I need it for my doors part because everyone will see weird things in it like Z-Fighting ;w;

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It’s just an invisible block

its an invisible block that doesnt let you see anything

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that was when the old roblox camera was around
it isnt possible anymore

but it is??

try out familiar ruins and you will see

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isn’t it because the old camera was still around when familiar ruins was first added?

its still exist in FR

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the camera changed?

it did? it wasnt recently though, it was that zoom change where everyone thought it was crazy’s fault in 2019

oooh yeah, the broken zoom, omg it was SO ANNOYING

there’s no scripting, just put a transparent block above it

if it’s transparent you could see through it tho

like lolis said, if its transparent then you could see through it, but somehow familiar ruins is having a transparent block but you cant see through it

It works in Familiar Ruins map test and Humble Jungle. It is a script but idk it

Might be annoying for stuff inside of Fe2, but…

finally! thank you very much.

Place part with the material Force Field because it’s the translucent/parent part with 0% transparency

it’s already solved