I want to find a good bgm for my map called "Breach"

Breach is a laboratory with a core, and guess what happens? the core breaches (aka it breaks its power source full of lava and flooding the whole place) what would fit for this map?

i want a more sci-fi bgm

this what you wanted?

let me see

thats already used…

i know that because i saw a map having this bgm

what was the maps name because i made a doomsday heist act 3 map and you may have saw that but other maps dont use it probably

oh irlastas used it

the map name is breach

Breach is a map of a core that breached (meaning its flooding lava)

lemme see

there thats what im talking about!

I’m glad to help!

lemme close the post.

how do i do it?

You have to ask a mod to lock it.

hey mods, lock this post, we dont need to post anything anymore

@billie :arrow_up: