I want to make a map,I may need help

Am new at making maps can anyone help me if you can friend me on ReaperThee8th

yes i will but are you a good builder?

if so my username is - SuperMaster_13

do u need help or do u want somebody to teach you?

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I know what you mean because some people are just starting

I can. But I over-detail things (Galaxy Colapse is an example of over-detail), and it takes long.

A teacher please am not good at scripting or building stuff I do need help

Mine is just related to christmas

Someone to teach me

dude he said hes new at building do u even read ?

hmmm i would like to

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Ok add me on ReaperThee8th (type ReaperThee if you add 8th it will be tagged when will we start)

start at the weekend, see you.

I can build really good if I put time into it but i cant script. Scripting confuses me.

See you too!

My birthdays on the weekend I might not be there
on Sunday

I can help

Create your birthday cake

When are you available to help?

Well, it’s Christmas vacation for me, so anytime in the next few days!

(P.S. I might be inactive after vacations since I got school, so don’t expect me to help every day)

Me to