I was banned from the Discord..?

So, I found myself banned from the FE2 discord. I never did anything wrong, and the only thing I did in there was talk, play in community map VIPs, and ask for help with map making. Apparently, I think it’s because of someone telling me to whitelist a map before making it (because I didn’t know how to, I did that), and then them reporting me. I would never disobey anything.

User: stickxrz
Discord: ashy.#8903

Can I please be unbanned?

maybe you did something wrong that you don’t know was wrong or something like that

Thats what i mean by the whitelisting part, I am a newbie so i not know how whitelisting worked at the time ;v;

That is probably why i got banned, but i would never do anything horribly wrong

how can you get banned for that? there’s nothing wrong with it
there is another reason then

I dont understand ;;

here’s your answer

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i didnt know chatting in there was bannable now

Next time read the pinned messages.

Last time i checked it wasnt, but that was a while ago